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Posted on 10/05/2024

Seasonal Special: Canner Lobsters

Seasonal Special: Canner Lobsters

As the peak season for Canner Lobster arrives, we are proud to present a limited-time offer on Canner Lobster dishes, bringing you an unprecedented gourmet experience.

Known also as "Royal Lobster," the Canner Lobster is primarily sourced from the icy waters of the North Atlantic, especially along the coasts of Canada and the northeastern United States. The clean, nutrient-rich waters in these regions provide an ideal environment for lobsters to thrive, ensuring their meat is natural and pure.

The meat quality of Canner Lobster is unparalleled; its delicate texture and sweet flavor are unforgettable. The tail meat is exceptionally tender, while the claw meat is more elastic, each bite bursting with the fresh, sweet taste of the ocean.

During this limited season, we offer a variety of cooking methods for Canner Lobster, allowing you to fully experience the rich flavors of this oceanic delicacy.

Don’t miss out on this seasonal opportunity. Book your exclusive journey with us and delve deeper into the mysteries of Canner Lobsters!

Available at the following locations:

Coast Seafood & Grill 

Shops C&D, G/F, 9-11 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay (Food Street)

King Ludwig German Restaurant 

Shop A&C, G/F, 8 Kingston Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

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