About Us

Established in 1992, King Parrot Group has been the leader in providing the best themed restaurants in one of the most demanding markets of food lovers in the world. With over 23 years of experience, we have the breadth of knowledge in all types of international cuisine and the depth of experience in creating distinctive restaurant concepts that appeal to local appetites.

By endeavouring to understand the unique tastes of our customers, we deliver unique dining experiences consisting of the highest quality food and service, complimented by beautifully designed spaces and ambience.

Presently, King Parrot Group manages over 30 restaurants in Hong Kong representing over 20 different brands continuing to maintain our high standards in serving international cuisines from Central Europe, Korea, the Mediterranean, South East Asia and from within China, Xinjiang, Shanghai and Sichuan. Our commitment to quality and our customers continues to drive us in achieving even more success in the future, as on of the dominant restaurant operators in Hong Kong.

Mission and Vision

For more than a decade, King Parrot Group focuses on being the leader in creating and running theme restaurants in Hong Kong. Today, we have stretched stakeholders' value beyond innovative products and services, and into building a sustainable future for the business.

We believe that sustainable growth is achieved by constantly exceeding standards in food quality, ambience and providing excellent service to each of our valuable customer.