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  • Eat Yunnan Meet Yunnan
    Posted on 28/03/2019

    Eat Yunnan Meet Yunnan

    Posted on 27/03/2019


  • El Cid 27th Anniversary
    Posted on 20/03/2019

    El Cid 27th Anniversary

  • Walled Village Dishes .The feeling of Home
    Posted on 01/05/2018

    Walled Village Dishes .The feeling of Home

Seasonal Butter Dill Poached Whole PEI Canner Lobster

Come & Catch It Now!

Seasonal Offer: White Asparagus Dish

Come and Grab it now!

Ocean Rock “La Vida Loca Fiesta”

Limited Exclusive in South American Style

El Cid “The Spanish Village”

29th Anniversary Celebration

Table 18: The Modern Old-Fashioned

Let’s seek the old Hong Kong together!

Special Hangzhou Delicacy

Healthy Eating Habit: Less Oil & Sugar

Coast “Beefcaion”

Quality Beef Dishes

Tong's Dine Around The World

Party Time! Tong's Dine Around The World

King Parrot Group.International Catering

Order fresh food for any party or event, only King Parr...

King Parrot Group X Food Delivery

Stay in and relish at home!!