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Posted on 10/05/2022

Lobster Special

Lobster Special

Canner Lobster Seasonal Special, Don’t Miss Out

In Prince Edward Island (PEI) a “canner” is the industry name of lobsters with the body size of 72-81mm. These lobsters are sweet, tender, juicy and delicious. It’s often likened to calves of cows in regards, weighing around 350g / 13oz. PEI lobster grows in cold and pure ecological waters of the Atlantic coast. It is delicious, especially the two big claws. The meat is very rich and tender with a slight sweet taste. Canner lobster characteristics: high protein, low saturated fatty acid, low cholesterol and low calories. The canner lobster seasonal special is on May to June, don’t miss out on this seasonal catch!

Selected Restaurants:
- Coast Seafood & Grill
- Ocean Rock Seafood & Tapas
- Prost by King Ludwig
- Table 18
- Tong’s Road House Seafood and Grill

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