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Posted on 29/09/2021

Tempting Bento is Always Ready!

Tempting Bento is Always Ready!

Delicious Bento in Chinese, Western and Thai-style

In order to let everyone enjoy delicacies anytime and anywhere, we are launching a special Bento set and accepting new orders now! Eight designated restaurants will participate to serve various selections of Bento, including Chinese and Western dishes, and even Thai food. There is plenty of choices from time to time.

At least 10 boxes of Bento are required for each order. If the order amount exceeds HK$2000 (after discounts), you can add a delivery service with an extra charge.

Eight participating restaurants and the attached relevant Bento menu are shown below. Please kindly call 3575 8575 to place order three working days in advance. Menu items are subject to changes without prior notice.

Bento Menu:
King Duck
- Coast Seafood & Grill
- Table 18 Bar & Restaurant
- so thai so good (Tai Po)
- Thai Mama’s Cow Man Kai (Wan Chai)
- El Cid Spanish Restaurant
- Prost by King Ludwig
- King & I

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Tempting Bento is Always Ready!

Delicious Bento in Chinese, Western and Thai-style

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