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Posted on 13/09/2021

Worldwide Crab Festival

Worldwide Crab Festival

Tong’s Special: An Extraordinary Crab Feast

Saying goodbye to summer and entering early autumn is the best time to enjoy crab! Tong’s Road House Seafood & Grill has collected famous crabs from all over the world and launched a series of crab-related dishes!

From September 15 to mid-November, come and visit us for a delicious crab-fest with selected Blue Crabs, Brown Crabs, Hanasaki Crabs and Snow Crabs, some of them are coming from France, Australia, the United States, Hokkaido and other places! Also, don’t forget to make reservations three days in advance for these special series. See you there!

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Address: 1 Tong Yan San Tsuen Road, Ping Shan, Yuen Long
Phone: 3521 0144

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Worldwide Crab Festival

Tong’s Special: An Extraordinary Crab Feast

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