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Posted on 01/06/2021

Table 18 “Midsummer Dream”

Table 18 “Midsummer Dream”

Sake ── which has always been related to food. Beyond pairings with sushi, sake is a perfect drink to bring out the full flavour of any dish. Therefore, there’s nothing better than a cup of Sake and a dish of delicacy.

Starting from now on, Table 18 Bar & Restaurant would offer you 3 different brands of sake, including DASSAI, 生原酒 渓流, and 彗Donati. Welcome to our restaurant and explore more about the sake pairings.

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Address: Shop UC-1, Upper Concourse Level, APM, Kwun Tong
Tel. 3148 9444

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Surprise Continues in Oktoberfest 2021

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