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Posted on 19/04/2021

Ocean Rock “La Vida Loca Fiesta”

Ocean Rock “La Vida Loca Fiesta”

South American cuisines arrived! From now onwards to the end of May, welcome to visit Ocean Rock and to enjoy the South American Special “La Vida Loca Fiesta”! It provides a lot of signature dishes, including appetizers, main courses, desserts, and cocktails. Let’s have a relaxing day with delicious dishes and a big sea view together at Ocean Rock!

Appetizer: Tlayudas, Toasted Tortilla with Braised Beef Stew, Guacamole, Black Bean
Main course: Cazuela de Mariscos, A Mild Seafood Broth with Coconut and Herbs
Dessert: Arroz Con Leche, Creamy Rice Pudding with a Touch of Cinnamon and Lemon Zest
Cocktail: Brazilian Lemonade (Fresh Lime, Condensed Milk, Milk, Crushed Ice)

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Ocean Rock “La Vida Loca Fiesta”

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